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This is a long overdue post! We have been to the US this summer and took a lot of photos. Actually I took so many photos that it took me quite some time to sort them out. I used to use Aperture on a Mac on most of my past photo projects. However, since I swapped my Macbook 2008 Unibody for a shiny new Surface Pro 3 I am using Lightroom. That also took some time to get used to.

We did a road trip and started in Los Angeles, drove through the desert to Las Vegas, went up to San Francisco then followed the Highway #1 and ended up in LA again.

I have taken most of the photos with my Nikon D5000 but also took actually quite a lot with my Lumia 1020. Up until Mammoth Lakes I even had a GPS device attached to the D5000 – which sadly broke during a bicycle trip. Still – I have a lot of geotagged photos and to give you a rough idea of where we went I will post a screenshot of the Lightroom Map view.

roadtrip overview

Here is a preview of some of my photos taken along that trip:

LA Beach
LA Beach
Las Vegas
Las Vegas
San Francisco
San Francisco

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